show tell

For each theme in Term 3, we would like to introduce a “Show and Tell” activity biweekly, during this time each child in a group will be asked to bring from home to schoolan item which is related to the current theme.

This is a great opportunity to further develop children’s speaking and listening skills, as they can talk about something which is personal to them.   The audience will have the learning chance to observe the object, listen to the presentation and ask basic 6W questions. 

Your child may like to think about these questions before the day:

·        Who bought it?

·        What is it?

·        Where did you buy it?

·        When did you buy / play with it?

·        Why do you like it?

·        How do you use it?

Please do not send an item which is precious, costly,large or heavy, fragile or with sharp edges or corners.  We shall not be held liable for any lost or damage to any items brought by the students to school.