The Spring Term of Year 2015-2016 is coming to an end.  To promote mutual communicationbetween home and school, we would like to organize a “Second Term 2015-16 Parent-Teacher’s Conference” (“PTC”) on 24 March 2016 (Thu). 

For students joined before March 2016

Purpose:  1. To allow parents to understand the result of the 2nd Term Assessment and Observation;

               2. To allow parents to understand the school life and learning of the students;

               3. To allow teachers to understand home life of their students.

Format:    Meeting first with the Chinese teachers for 10 minutes followed by meeting with the English Teacher for another 10 minutes.

Date:    24 March 2016 (Thu)

Meeting with both the English and Chinese teacher will be limited to 10 minutes respectively, parents are therefore requested to be punctual.  If there should be any delays, please allow us to make the necessary arrangements to shuffle your appointment.  Your patience and understanding are very much appreciated.

For New students joined in March 2016:

As your child has joined the school for a short period of time, there will not be student portfolio prepared for students joined this month.  However we would like to invite parents of the new students to come and meet with both the English and Chinese teachers together for 10-15 minutes to discuss about the adaptation of your child in school and any other concerns you may have.

 ** Students will have no school on that day.  If you have to bring along your child, please make sure he / she will be taken care of by a family caregiver.