supermarket trip

The school will schedule student visits throughout the year to complement themes being taught. Students use these visits to explore and investigate the theme topics.  As we are going to finish the “Food” Theme next week, we shall organize a trip to the “Wellcome Supermarket” in Tsuen Wan Garden next Thursday, 10 March 2016.  Please note the following details about the visit:

-         Date: 10 March 2016 (Thursday)

-         Time: Arrival to school at 8.45 am for departure at 9:15 am.  They will walk to the supermarket under the care of the teachers.

                 Returning from the supermarket to school at 10:15 am (class will continue until 12:00 noon).

-         Purpose:  To understand the type of food available in a supermarket

                       To understand the different food categories in a supermarket

                       To learn using math concepts during purchase

                       To learn to make decision about healthy choice of food so as to buy food for cooking in school

-         Activities:        

-      To walk around different sections in the supermarket

-         To visit the department where the students need to buy ingredients for the cooking session

-         K1 – to buy 1 food item with the money they have

-         K2 – to buy 2 food items with the money they have and to calculate if the money is sufficient

-         K3 – to buy any number of food items and to calculate if the money is sufficient.

-         Bring the items to the cashier and to make payment

-         Get the correct change back and return it to the parents

-         Participants: The students will be led by the class teachers Ms Li and Ms Anna.  Parent volunteers are welcome during the trip.  Interested parents please contact the school principal for details.

Dress Code: School’s winter uniform and sports shoes.