Fruit Party

To support the “Joyful Fruit Month 2016” initiative launched by the Department of Health (Please visit for details), a “School Fruit Party” will be held in our school on 26 February 2016 (this Fri). All teachers and students will eat fruit together during the event.

Date:       26 February (Friday)

Time:       9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Content:  Games, stories and craft related to fruit.  Learn about different kinds of fruits and share them together.

Costume: Children should dress in smart casual wear.  Please bring along the party bag with a water bottle and the temperature record sheet.

Remark:   Children should bring along their favourite fruit as tea time snack on the party day.   The school will also prepare someseasonal fruits to taste with everyone.

Besides the party, our school will launch the “Fruit Diary Card” Award Scheme during the period from 29 February 2016 (Mon) to 23 March 2016 (Wed) for four consecutive weeks. Through this campaign, we would like to promote healthy living by encouraging our students to develop a habit of eating fruit daily. Details of the scheme are as follows:

1.        Each student will be given a “Fruit Diary Card” and “Fruit Sticker”.

2.        After eating fruit every day, students would be rewarded with a “Fruit Sticker” by their parents and have it adhered to the appropriate space on the “Fruit Diary Card”. If the student manages to eat fruit for seven days consecutively in a week, he/she should be offered an extra sticker as reward.

3.        At the end of each week (every Monday), students should bring back their “Fruit Diary Cards” to their class teachers for recording purpose.

The class teachers will check each student’s Fruit Diary weekly (on Mondays 7, 14 & 21 of March), and put stamps on the “Fruit Diary Card Award Scheme Poster”.  At the end of the campaign teachers will present certificates of award to students according to their results on the “Fruit Diary Cards” as an appreciation of their effort.